Monday, July 20, 2009

Maybe by Sarah Catalfo

I have experience coordinating fashion shows so when I came across an ad on craigslist at the outset of the summer, looking for PR and Styling assistance for an up and coming Toronto fashion designer I immediate jumped on the opportunity. The line is called Maybe by Sarah Catalfo. Sarah (the designer, duh!) has the experience designing for Canadian music artist and Juno award winner LIGHTS. Sarah actually designed the dress that LIGHTS wore when accepting her Juno for best new Canadian artist. Sarah will be debuting her line at the Rivoli (334 Queen Street West, Toronto) on August 13th. I would love for all of you to see this designers fabulous take on metalics, colour, body suits, and skirts.
An added bonus is that my talented friend Lauren Elle will be opening the show with a big bang. She is a successful music artist that brings charisma and energy to the stage. I would not suggest missing this event. For the inside scoop on Elle check her out on myspace:

For more info on Maybe by Sarah Catalfo check her out on Facebook or Myspace

Hope to see you all there. If you have any questions regarding this event, you know that I always like to hear from you guys so please post a message! xx

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gladiator Wedges

My fav pair of shoes for this summer are these amazing gladiator style wedges. They are comfortable (shockingly), trendy and a great finish to any summer outfit. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Romper

When the summer weather is unbearably hot I sometimes have trouble expressing my style. Not because the heat gets to my brain but because I usually want to wear as little as possible and my personal style is usually achieve by layering, accessorizing and matching various garments. Despite this, I have found the perfect hot summer day outfit that is light and cute. This simple onesie (also known as a romper) can be dressed up with gladiator sandles and a leather jacket to make a more complete outfit OR you can wear it as is with a pair of sunglasses, sandles and maybe a summer hat and you are ready to rock and roll. This adorable piece can be found at American Apparel.
Keepin' it cool in the summer heat... xx

Fashion District

Friday I spent the day in Toronto's very own Fashion DIstrict. This area is located between the Spadina Avenue and King Street intersection in downtown Toronto. This area is filled with fashion wholesalers, importers and exporters and many other industry leaders. I was picking up scarves from V. Fraas Scarves They generously donated a scarf gift basket that will be raffled away at an upcoming fashion show that I am helping to organize --> which I will tell you more about soon. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. xx

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pride Fashions

Last Sunday we celebrated the end of Pride week with the Pride Parade, which took place in the city core of Toronto. While it was a rainy and gloomy afternoon I still ventured downtown with my friends...the sky ended up clearing and it turned into a nice day. In addition to taking in all of the excitement of the parade floats and the pride culture itself, I was busy scoping the scene for the fashion trendsetters. One of the many reasons why I love fashion is because of the ability to project an image and express whatever the individual wearer wants throuh their clothes (or lack of) and accessories. Some of these outfits are mainstream while others are sub-culture specific. Regardless of which group you belong to there are fashions for everyone!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Over Size

This over-sized beach bag is a great accessorizor to any cute summer ensemble. It is also incredible for cottaging or a day lounging on the beach. Whoever said Size-doesn't matter... think again, when it comes to this bag, size is the only thing that matters.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Breeze

Yesterday I was on my way to a professional meeting wearing dress pants and a blouse...I know this sounds very typical and boring, but when it comes to fashion I do not usually do typical or boring. In addition to the blahhh-ness of this outfit it was 32 degrees in Toronto and I was swealtering. My mom asked why I didn't wear something a little bit more summer-y and I replied: "I don't know how to look professional and dress for summer weather at the same time".... She suggested that I try a full coverage dress (one that is not too short nor too tight) with some shoes that provide height and elegance. She then offered me a very stylish, cute and trendy hat that would set me apart from the rest. This outfit solved my problems: I was comfortable, a lot cooler in temperature and looking the way I like to present myself. The outfit was also well taken at my meeting... the head honcho said "I like your hat" and "boy, you look adorable". Looking professional doesn't always have to be boring...just be sure you know the audience that you are dressing for! Happy wardrobing.

I See Round

This sunglass trend has been noted by other fashionistas and bloggers a little bit earlier in the season, however, I came across a fabulous pair for super cheap. These John Lennon inspired and later MK Olsen adapted, round lens spectacles are chic, retro and add a little bit of attitude to any summer get-up. For all you Torontonian's I strong suggest taking a tour of downtown's Kensington Market because I found these incredible glasses at the army surplus store. As if I need another pair of sunnies... but at $5.00 WHY NOT!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Look Forward 2...

I am a freelance wardrobe stylist so I make frequent visits to wardrobe houses, vintage stores, and second hand boutiques in an effort to accumulate merchandise to build my inventory. I thought it would be a great styling project for me and an easy way for you, my readers, to save a few bucks if sporadically do a post called Frugal Fashions

Frugality is the practice of
1) acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, and
2) resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services, to
3) achieve a longer term goal.

I will show you how to put together a complete outfit that is trendy, in style and fresh all for UNDER $30.00. In these economic times, who can argue with saving a few pennies. In addition, this vintage shopping trend is also in line with the 'eco-green' initiative that has recently infiltrated every aspect of social life - so for all of you eco-friendly individuals stay tuned for my style ideas that focus on Recycling and Re-using. Look forward to FRUGAL FASHIONS!

Classic Faux Pas

I ran into a woman this weekend who was completely clueless about the piece of toilet paper she was trailing around with her... She claims that this happens to her ALL THE TIME. Ladies (and gentleman) this is your friendly reminder to do a 'once over' before exiting the restroom. Consider yourself warned. xo

Friday, June 12, 2009

Skirt Re-Design

While I am not known as a fashion designer, some may reconsider after this post... One rainy day earlier this week, my girlfriend Amanda and I took some scissors to an old ankle length leather skirt. Once the fit of the skirt was perfect, my creative and imaginative friend suggested that we make a quick stop into Fabricland (what a fabulous place filled with wonderful stuff!!) We purchased some texturized, gold, studded buttons that we used as detailing across the waistline of the skirt. Later we added two strand of chains for an added punkish, hipster look. Who says you need Parsons or some other elite fashion school to have fun with your clothes. This skirt costed a total of $7.50 to make and I got to spend quality time with my friend, what's better than that.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

I just thought I would share this pic with all of you. I found this retro disco dude busting a few moves on the dance floor the other night. I thought his look was original and displayed his willingness to take fashion risks. His pieces look on par with current trends - destroyed denim, purple bomber jacket and a sweater with bursts of vibrant summer hues.

Holy Legs

These destroyed leggings add that little bit of 'umph' to a Saturday night outfit. If you are daring enough to try achieving this look on your own take a pair of stockings, leggings or tights and run them along a cheese grater - it works. I swear!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wise Words

I am reading Jeanne Unbottled - Adventures in High Style, a story that takes the reader through the journeys of Jeanne Beker's life which landed her in the center of the fashion world, as the host and face of Fashion Television. So far it's a great read with many shocks and surprises. Jeanne shares some excellent words about what fashion IS or at least does a great job of explaining what I personally think fashion should be about.
"its the attitude, not attire, that inspires me and that drives every creative aspect of the fashion scene today..... The ones who stand out are those who dress with attitude, with a sense of who they are and what they're trying to tell the world....Effortless grace"

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Salut You - A Tribute to Military Style

Combat Boots

Amazing chain detailing from blazer above...

This vintage blazer is inspired by the Famous Balmain Military Jacket shown on the runway for the Fall 2009 Collection

The U.S Government are not the only people spending their money on the military these days. Military inspired clothing was a key trend witnessed on the runway for Fall 2009. This look has since become frequently sported by trendy fashionistas of all ages.

Thursday, May 28, 2009






The French word "Printemps" translated into English means Spring. However, if we split the French word into parts we end up with Print-Temps which means Print -Time... One of the hottest trends for SPRING/Summer 2009 are.... PRINTS! The above images are a few of my favourites.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...Catching Up

Going back in time yet again, here is a link to a blog post I did on this years Toronto Fashion Week - Fall/Winter 2009.

Fashion Show Interview

It's a little bit outdated (but its better late than never). I encourage you to check out the above link to hear an interview that was done on me and my involvement in this years Free the Children Fashion Show - London, Ontario chapter. I had the honour of being the clothing coordinator and model manager of this production.


Hi everyone,

I am very excited to be starting my very own blog about STYLE, FASHION, HOT TRENDS & SELF EXPRESSION. I have been passionate about fashion for quite some time now and I look forward to sharing my ideas, inspiration, images and revealing my fashion secrets to you.

To end off my first post I would like to share one of my favourite quotes:
"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." ~ Thomas Jefferson
I think this quote does a good job exposing a little bit about me and my style. Regarding me as a person, I am very principled and I stand firm by my values and beliefs, however, when it comes to fashion and my personal style I do whatever feels right - I let the current carry me along; I experiment, I take risks and ultimately I have fun with clothing, shoes and accessories. I hope you enjoy the posts that are to come and I look forward to hearing from all of you. Keep checkin' back!