Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Breeze

Yesterday I was on my way to a professional meeting wearing dress pants and a blouse...I know this sounds very typical and boring, but when it comes to fashion I do not usually do typical or boring. In addition to the blahhh-ness of this outfit it was 32 degrees in Toronto and I was swealtering. My mom asked why I didn't wear something a little bit more summer-y and I replied: "I don't know how to look professional and dress for summer weather at the same time".... She suggested that I try a full coverage dress (one that is not too short nor too tight) with some shoes that provide height and elegance. She then offered me a very stylish, cute and trendy hat that would set me apart from the rest. This outfit solved my problems: I was comfortable, a lot cooler in temperature and looking the way I like to present myself. The outfit was also well taken at my meeting... the head honcho said "I like your hat" and "boy, you look adorable". Looking professional doesn't always have to be boring...just be sure you know the audience that you are dressing for! Happy wardrobing.

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