Friday, June 12, 2009

Skirt Re-Design

While I am not known as a fashion designer, some may reconsider after this post... One rainy day earlier this week, my girlfriend Amanda and I took some scissors to an old ankle length leather skirt. Once the fit of the skirt was perfect, my creative and imaginative friend suggested that we make a quick stop into Fabricland (what a fabulous place filled with wonderful stuff!!) We purchased some texturized, gold, studded buttons that we used as detailing across the waistline of the skirt. Later we added two strand of chains for an added punkish, hipster look. Who says you need Parsons or some other elite fashion school to have fun with your clothes. This skirt costed a total of $7.50 to make and I got to spend quality time with my friend, what's better than that.

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